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Systemic/Family Constellation Training - April - October 2018 (Over 4 Weekends)

Course Overview

Systemic Constellation is a method which, if we are attentive and sensitive, opens the door to the depths of the soul.

The course provides the participant with an experiential, educational and theoretical background of systemic constellation work and blends it with the principles and practice of Gestalt therapy

Course Aim

To generate an educational experience whereby you can develop a good theoretical and practical basis for introducing systemic constellation work into your own practices.

We aim to cover the most important core areas of the systemic constellation work and where possible, include special interests and needs of the individuals in the course.

Learning Processes

  • Teaching, reflections and discussions
  • Experiential exercises
  • Feedback
  • Small group self directed learning between training sessions
  • Self-awareness
  • Evolving personal style and creativity

Pre-requisites for Students

To be already working in a field in which you can readily apply constellation work eg: therapist, organisational consultant, health professional, teacher, counsellor, social worker and individuals interested in their inner work.

Course Numbers

A minimum of 8 students enrolled at the outset for the course to proceed.

Course Dates

20th Apr – 22nd Apr 2018
22nd Jun –24th Jun 2018
24th Aug – 26th Aug 2018
26th Oct – 28th Oct 2018

This final weekend is also open to experienced facilitators and focuses on working with individuals.

For a more detailed Course Outline & Application Form contact / 02 8021 2177 / 0425 277 279

Download workshop flyer here